Walking in This Heat and Humidity About Did Me In

“The wise in heart accept advise” (Proverbs 10:8).

My wife told me to be careful when I left for my 3 mile walk at 10:20am this morning. “It’s really too hot to walk.”

“Nah, I’ll be OK. I walked yesterday with no problem. I’ve got my bottled water.”

Guess what. She was right.

It was 84 when I started my walk and 94 when I finished an hour and a half later. Incredible!

Little did I know that for a Type-1 insulin dependent diabetic that heat can cause my blood sugar to skyrocket. Not to mention I’m a senior citizen with thyroid issues. Geeze! What was I thinking???

After my first mile, it had bumped up to 230 from 180. Humm. It usually goes down when I walk. “It’ll go down,” I thought.

After the 2nd mile, I checked again. 280. I kept walking and was sweating profusely. Soaked.

After the 3rd mile and meeting my 10,000 step goal, it was 320 with an arrow pointing up meaning it was rising.Finished, I went to my SUV and downed the bottle of water I had brought. I bolused 5 units of fast acting Humalog insulin from my Medtronic Insulin Pump. “That’ll fix it for sure,” I reasoned.

Medtronic MiniMed Insulin Pump

Nope. It didn’t touch it. I was about done in.

I took a shower to cool off. My face was beet red. Then, I laid down for 10 minutes and checked again. It was 360 with 2 arrows up.

All the time, I was sipping water which lowers blood sugar.

“What gives?” I had never had that happen before.

Well, to make a long story short, I ended up injecting a whopping 30 units of insulin.

Right now, at 4pm, it’s dropped to 187 with 2 arrows down. That’s almost within my target range of 90-120. Whew!

What a day!

My wife had gone shopping. When she got home, I got a good lecture. She knows her stuff. She’s a retired nurse.

Now, I’m in a dilemma. It’s too hot to walk. I have to walk to help manage and control my diabetes. I can’t just sit around all day.

Joyce and I talked about it. We decided to go to our Bobby Waters Gym at Patriots’s Park which is about 15 minutes from our home.

For senior citizens, it’s only $100 for both of us! It has everything and more that we need.

• 4 elliptical trainers

• 2 stationary bikes

• 4 treadmills

• 2 rowing machines

• 11 circuit training machines

• 2 Helix lateral trainers

• 1 hand bicycle

• Full scale free weight room

Plus a walking track.

This is all in air conditioned comfort. No more walking on the track near our home – not in this killer heat!————————————————————————-Thanks for reading.

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