Holy Week Timeline

Jesus enters Jerusalem to great pomp and fanfare after resting in Bethany the day before at the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Palm Sunday.

Jesus enters the Temple and stays a short time. Then, he returns to Bethany and spends the night in prayer.

Jesus cleanses the Temple driving out the religious mercenaries who were excessively profiting and cheating people out of money in the House of God. 

The religious leaders try to discredit and humiliate Jesus in front of His adoring crowd gathered at the Temple.

Jesus answers and his teachings baffle and anger the Pharisees and Sadducees. The crowd loves that the religious leaders are confounded.

Jesus denounces the Pharisees and scribes, pronounces eight woes upon them, and prophesies the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem.

Judas, who was confronted by Jesus at Mary, Martha, and Lazarus home in Bethany continues to seethe with anger toward Christ and looks for a chance to get even with him. He approaches the Pharisees and offers to betray Christ telling them where the police can find Him during Passover night. The Pharisees promise Judas 30 pieces of silver to carry out the plot.

Jesus most probably spends the day in Bethany at the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus with the disciples. 

There is no record of what occurred on Wednesday.

Jesus and his disciples return to Jerusalem to observe the Passover in an upper room. This is known as “The Last Supper.” Jesus institutes the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper and washes the disciples’ feet. 

Judas storms out of the room to go to the religious leaders and carry out the plot he made with them on Tuesday.

The group sings a Passover Psalm and departs for the Garden of Gethsemane.

Jesus takes Peter, James, and John apart from the rest of the disciples asking them to join him in prayer. They fall asleep. Jesus prays in great distress to the point of sweating blood.

Around 2AM, the disciples awaken to see the police coming. The police carry torches to light the path since it is pitch-dark. Judas leads them.

Peter is shocked and outraged; angry and defiant. He takes his short sword and slices off the ear of the servant of the high priest. Jesus is arrested and led away in chains. The disciples flee for their lives.

Around 2:30AM, The police take Jesus to the Sanhedrin who have stayed awake through the night waiting for this moment. The Sanhedrin is made up of the most powerful religious Pharisees in Israel who were given the right from Rome to enforce all Jewish laws except for capital punishment. The Sanhedrin mocks Jesus. He is slapped around by the police and ridiculed.

Around 3 or 3:30AM, they go to Pilate’s residence next to the court house and awaken him demanding that Jesus be sentenced to death. Pilate will have no part in this and ships Jesus and the Sanhedrin across town to Herod’s place where he is staying during his visit to Jerusalem. Jesus is a Galilean and Herod has jurisdiction over Galilee.

4 or 4:30AM, Herod is awakened. He hopes to see Jesus perform a miracle. Jesus refuses. The soldiers mock Jesus and strike him repeatedly. Herod defers judgment and sends Jesus back to Pilate.

Around 5 or 5:30AM, Jesus appears again in the courtyard of Pilate. By now, the Sanhedrin has awakened their supporters, and they gather as a mob at Pilate’s place. Others living nearby hear the clamor and awaken to join the spectacle to see what is happening. 

Between 5:30 and 6:30AM, the mob is on the verge of violence and insurrection if Pilate doesn’t condemn Jesus to death by crucifixion. The city is waking up. Word among Jesus’ followers quickly spreads as to what is happening.

7 or 7:30AM. Pilate appeases the mob and gives Jesus over to be scourged to prepare Him for His crucifixion. 

7:30 to 8AM. Jesus is brutally and mercilessly beaten with a scourge at the hands of a professional Roman soldier.

8 to 8:30AM. Jesus, weakened and bloody, stumbles along the 650 yards to the place of his crucifixion. He falls and Simon of Cyrene is forced to carry his cross the remainder of the distance. Women followers of Christ follow him along the way along with John the Apostle and possibly other men who were followers of Christ. Many in the crowd mock and jeer Jesus.

9AM. Jesus is crucified.

Noon. Supernatural phenomenon occur. The land is plunged into darkness. An earthquake shakes the city. Tombs open and the righteous dead are seen in the city. 

3PM. Jesus dies. The soldier confirms that Jesus is dead by piercing his side with a sword. Blood and fluid (water) flow from the wound confirming death.

Around 6PM, Joseph and Nicodemas take the emaciated body down from the cross and give Christ an elegant funeral cleaning and wrapping his body in expensive spices and linens and placing his body in the tomb that Joseph, a wealthy man, had bought for his family.

Around 7PM as the sun sets, the mourners leave the gravesite. On the Jewish calendar, the Sabbath begins at sundown.

Saturday, April 23.
Even though it was the Sabbath, the religious leaders petition Pilate early this morning to put armed guards at Jesus’ grave to prevent the disciples from stealing the body and say that Jesus rose from the dead. 

Pilate orders soldiers to guard the grave of Jesus.

The mourners cannot go to the gravesite because it would violate Jewish law.

Before sunrise, Mary, the mother of James, Mary Magdalene, Salome, and Joanna see the angel at the tomb telling them Jesus is risen from the dead. The women run to tell the disciples.

About 7AM. Peter and John race to the tomb. Mary Magdalene comes up behind them. The two men leave. Mary stays. Jesus appears to Mary in his first resurrection appearance.

Around 3 or 4PM, Jesus appears to two unnamed disciples on the road to Emmaus and goes to their home.

Around 6PM, Jesus appears to the disciples gathered in an upper room.

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