I’m in Facebook Jail

I enjoy keeping up with family and friends and managing two groups that I administrate. I enjoy posting videos, articles, scriptures, and photos. But yesterday, it came to a screeching halt.

I got this notice when I “liked” a comment made by a friend. “You’re temporary restricted from performing certain actions on Facebook. This is because there’s been some unusual activity detected on your account.

What?! 😡. What unusual activity? I didn’t see any unusual activity!

I checked my Facebook settings where you can find the time you spend on Facebook. It showed that I average an hour and 15 minutes a day. That doesn’t seem to be an inordinate amount of time to me. I’m not hogging it! Yet, my account was suspended! For what? Geeze!

So, I wanted to find out what constitutes “unusual” activity and did an internet search. All I could find was that someone with that restriction has “liked” too much, posted too much, or some other ridiculous “reason.

I tried to contact Facebook. That, I found out, is impossible.

Facebook put me in jail. How unfair! What injustice! I wasn’t given a warning. I couldn’t plead my case. No appeal is allowed. Just “Bam!” “Your account has been temporarily suspended!

I found out that many get temporary suspensions. It’s a mystery to them too.

I have no choice but to serve my Facebook jail sentence. The good news is that I will get out of jail after I serve my sentence.

It’s certainly aggravating to say the least. But, I guess it’s been good to take a break from Facebook. I finished a book I had been reading. So, thank you Facebook for temporarily suspending my account.


Thanks for reading.

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