Pain Relief Coming Soon!

I have blogged several times about breaking my left shoulder and the painful repercussions. It happened on February 22, 2019, while walking our Shelties in Mistletoe State Park near our home.

The accident occurred at 3pm. Joyce got me to Docors Hospiral Emergency Room at 4pm. I was forced to wait seven agonizing hours before I saw the emergency room doctor. And what did he do? He took an x-ray, put me in a sling and gave me oxycodone which made me so nauseous that I threw up. I was expecting a miracle I guess, but that was all he could do.

The next day, my General Practitioner, Dr. Rebecca Talley, referred me to Dr. Alexander Collins, an orthopedic doctor. I was relieved when he said that surgery was not required. All I needed was to wear a sling until the fracture healed.

If you picture an ice cream cone as the ball on top of the shoulder, that’s what broke. Dr. Collins said to keep wearing the sling until it was healed, and then I could begin physical therapy.

My physical therapist, Whitney Johnson, is absolutely wonderful. After several months of painful therapy, I can hold my left arm straight up again 😀.

But, I still had pain. Sometimes, it’s so severe that it wakes me up at night. When that happens, I take two Advil which is an anti-inflammatory medicine. It cuts the pain enough so that I can sleep.

Last week, Dr. Collins referred me to Dr. Benjamin Bashinski III, a neurological specialist.

Dr. Bashinski did a nerve conduction test which was interesting. He found that I had pinched nerves in my left elbow and wrist. He said that the pinched nerves could possibly be from the trauma I suffered from the break back in February and/or because of my age. I’m 68.

Nerve pain is something else. It goes from severe, dissipates sometimes for hours, goes back to severe, and dissipates again. It’s chronic which is something I’ve never experienced before. Another issue I have from my pinched ulnar nerve is numbness and a weak grip. That’s a weird feeling. My brain tells my left arm and hand muscles to pick up something. The conduit to carry out the command is my ulnar nerve. Because it’s pinched, I have difficulty in picking up and gripping anything. Dr. Bashinski sent his report to Dr. Collins. I am waiting for his office to schedule an appointment hoping it will be this week. Next, surgery will be scheduled which Dr. Collins will perform.

Here’s a video of the surgery. It’s fascinating to me.

It’s a quick surgery. I won’t have to go under anesthesia (that too makes me terribly nauseous). He will just “dead arm” my left arm, open up the constricted tunnels, and my left arm will be as good as new! I can’t wait!

I am almost at the end of this painful experience. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. That is, my cubital (elbow nerve) and carpal (wrist) tunnels!

I’ll keep you posted.

————————————————————————-Thanks for reading.

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