Mistletoe State Park

August 28-30, 2019.

Mistletoe State Park is our sixth Georgia State Park to visit. It’s practically in our backyard being only sixteen miles from our home in Appling, Georgia.

Joyce, the Shelties, and I have enjoyed walking in Mistletoe before we bought our camper van. We hiked the Cliatt Creek Trail which follows the Creek as it spills over granite boulders, forms deep pools, and scampers to its end in Lake Thurmond.

Cliatt Creek

We were walking in Mistletoe on February 25, 2019. That was the day I tripped over Sophie and broke my left shoulder putting me out of commission for six weeks.

We had just bought our Regency Traveler Camper Van from John’s RV in Lexington, South Carolina, on the 22nd. We were planning a camping trip to Alexander H. Stephens State Park about 70 miles from our home. That was put on hold until April 17.

The Georgia spring weather was perfect for camping, and we camped at several different State Parks in addition to A. H. Stephens State Park. But then August hit like a ball of fire. The best way to beat the oppressive heat and humidity is to stay inside where it’s air conditioned, take an early, early morning walk for exercise, or join our county gym which we did.

The hot and humid Georgia August weather finally broke this week. So, we packed the Camper, loaded the Shelties, and off we went to Mistletoe.

Our National Traveler at Mistletoe State Park

Joyce reserved a premium camp site for us that was a little more than a stone’s throw to the water.

It was perfect. Cool breezes off the Lake swept over the shore cooling our site like a giant air conditioner. In fact, it was 69 degrees this morning as we watched the sun rise.

For supper Wednesday night, Joyce grilled steaks, taters, onions, and peppers. Plus, we had a salad. For dessert, she had brought chocolate chip cookies that she had baked. Yummy!

Then, we walked it off with a short loop around our camping area. We came back and settled in to watch day turn into night which was capped with a gorgeous sunset making the lake glitter like gold.

Beautiful sunset from our site on Lake Thurmond

There’s nothing more that hits the spot than Joyce’s cowboy camp coffee that she learned to brew when she went out West on a horseback expedition.

On Thursday morning, we sat and watched the incredible sunrise over the Lake under our camper van’s awning sipping on our coffee with the gentle breezes coming off the lake refreshing us. We did our devotional and thanked God for all His blessings.

Then, we took the Shelties on a nice long morning walk. Mistletoe has miles of well-marked trails through the woods. It’s a good way to start the day.

We came back and set in our camping-rockers. (Senior citizens are known for their rocking chairs 😀). We brought some books to read, took a break, and met some of our neighboring campers which is always fun.

One couple was from Valdosta, Georgia. Another was from Charlotte, North Carolina. The Park’s host and hostess are from Jacksonville, Florida. They keep the restrooms and showers clean and have other duties. They are all volunteers and Georgia State Parks gives them a free site in exchange for their valuable service.

They told us that all of the State Parks are full for this Labor Day and for next week due to people fleeing Hurricane Dorian which is bearing down on Florida and the East Coast.

Thursday evening, we walked down to the shore and watched the breeze driven ripples lap at the shore.

Sophie immediately gave chase thinking she could catch one of them like she does her ball. She is so much fun.

On the other hand, Lilly Belle, our rescue, was frightened and tugged at her leash to get back to the “safety” of the camper. Her favorite spot is just inside the camper where she can see us.

But Sophie! Ha, she does guard duty at the front of the van ready to bark or chase any golf cart, pick-up truck, or camper that dares to invade her territory. She’s a hoot.

Sophie keeping watch

It’s always kind of sad to leave nature’s tranquil beauty. But, it was time to go. After the short trip home, we unpacked, Joyce started the laundry, and we decided to go out for an early supper.

Leaving for home

Thanks for reading. Thanks to the many who follow my blog. Blessings to all. ————————————————————————-

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