Do You Eat in Secret?

It’s a sleepless night. You get up and tip toe softly to the kitchen and open the pantry. Ahh, there they are. You take the Chips Ahoy! package to the table intending to eat only three or four, but you end up eating more than you intended and then open the fridge to find the milk. There’s nothing better than washing chocolate chip cookies down with a cold glass of milk!

Suddenly, there he is appearing in the dark like a specter. “You eating again? No wonder you’re so fat! Geeze!”

You’ve been caught again! Shame and guilt flushes your face red with shame. You want to hide. Tears well up and run down your cheeks.

“Why, oh why do I do this?” you think to yourself. Why?”

An ancient Hebrew proverb states, “Food eaten in secret is delicious!” (Proverbs 9:17). And indeed, it is! Unless of course, you get caught!

It is a natural human flaw to keep our sins in darkness. It’s a universal tendency because of our fallen human nature. We want to cover up our flaws and put our best foot forward. But of course, you can’t cover up the extra pounds that are added by eating in secret no matter how hard you try.

Clothes that once fit are now tight. You promise yourself that you will lose weight so you can fit into them again. But, you have to go to the department store and buy new, bigger sizes. You can’t believe you’ve gone from a size 12 to a size 14 or from a 42 inch pants size to a 44.

We do not want our friends and family knowing about our secret eating. But, it shows. “It looks like you’ve put on a little weight there, honey. What’s going on! That new diet not working?” Awghh!

What’s natural for us to keep our secret eating a secret, is quite the opposite with God. We are to expose our sins. Confess them. Admit them as painful as that is. That requires humility and heartfelt honesty.

We know God forgives completely. But with friends and family? Maybe not.

Regardless of whether our confession is accepted, the value of confession is for us and not them. Why? Because there is a cleansing effect from confession. We know that we are cleansed by the blood of Christ’s forgiveness. We are freed to “go and sin no more.”

Yes, we may slip up. Addictions are hard to break, but they can eventually be broken by the power of God’s love giving us the will power to overcome them.

————————————————————————-Thanks for reading. Blessings to you.

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