Fort Mountain State Park: Part 3 of 4

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Today, our goal was to walk the upper part of the Gold Creek Trail which starts at the east end of the 16 acre lake.

Well, we started our walk, followed our map, turned left on a trail, and found the marker for the Gold Creek Trail. Then, the bottom fell out. I mean it was an old fashioned Georgia thunder boomer rain storm. We had to turn around and skedaddle back toward our camper van.

Oh well, hoping it would pass, we decided to try again this afternoon.

The weather finally cooperated just before 3 o’clock, and we started our trek again. This time, we made it to the sign.

We hadn’t gone far until our shirts were soaked from sweat. The humidity was oppressive with not even a breeze which is unusual in these hills.

The hike was worth the sweat. It did not disappoint.

We walked through a surreal avenue of ferns.

Joyce and Lilly Belle in the ferns
Me and Sophie in the ferns

Wildflowers decorated the woods.

Peaceful quiet embraced us through the woods reminding us that all good things in life are wild and free and that solitude can be a good companion at times.

We followed the Goldmine Creek Trail which is beside Goldmine Creek.

Goldmine Creek Trail

The Creek isn’t much more than a trickle, and the trail crisscrosses it in places causing us to have to wade across it. But, we had our hiking boots on which kept our feet dry. 

I kept my eye out for bears. We were advised at the check-in desk that bears were in the Park, and one of camping neighbors had seen one while fishing on the lake’s shore. One time on the Gold Creek Trail, Sophie went nuts. She practically was uncontrollable. It had to have been a bear. Or at least in my mind, it was. But, no bear was seen.

But just in case, Joyce had her bear spray at the ready. I didn’t want to find out if it worked or not. Those things can weigh up to 800 pounds!

The clouds grew ominous the further up we went. Thunder echoed off the mountains. It started to drizzle. We had walked about a mile and decided to turn back. Thank goodness, the deluge held off on our return walk. But it didn’t really matter. We were already soaked with sweat.

We made it back to our camp site hungry as a bear. Joyce grilled hamburgers over the wood fire. It hit the spot!

In the morning, we’ll load up and head back home grateful and thankful.

Hats off to our Georgia State Parks!

Thanks for reading.

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