Fort Mountain State Park: Part 2 of 4

We awakened this Wednesday morning, July 17, 2019, to a chilly North Georgia breeze coming up off the 16 acre lake below us.

Yesterday, we walked around the lake. It’s a scenic, easy walking trail of about a mile and a half.

Trail around the lake

Rest stop on our lake walk

The lake is nestled between two mountains and is spring fed. The water is clear and cold. It’s stocked with fish. We saw a good size bass jump near the shore among some brush.

One fellow from Dalton, Georgia, who I met on my short Park walk caught a good sized bream yesterday and saw a bear.

Camping people are the nicest and friendliest people. Greg, the fellow I met, is a tent camper and is intrigued with our Regency Traveler Camper Van. He said he would like to have one. I invited him and his wife, Ramona to walk down, and we would show it to them. He said he would like to have something like that.

Here are our neighbors in a site next to ours.

Bill and Linda from Marietta, Georgia

Yesterday, we met ChaCha. Her grandparents brought her. They are in the site next to ours. Of course, she had to check out Sophie. Everyone loves Sophie. 

ChaCha and Sophie

They are tent campers too. There is all types and makes of camper vans here. There’s everything from a Class A bus camper to huge 5th wheels to small pull-behinds. Our rich neighbors

Our neighbors and their small pull behind camper

Out tent camping neighbors

Lilly Belle, our rescue, likes to lay on her pillow inside the van and doesn’t come out unless we make her when we go for walks.

Lilly Belle

The spring fed lake is beautiful. 

One of the many springs

Pavilion and beach on the lake

Our Georgia State Parks have a Junior Ranger program. We met a group on our walk. The Ranger teaches them about conservation, points out the different wildflowers and vegetation including the Mountain Laurel that is everywhere on the trail. The children receive a badge for participating.Junior Rangers

We are grateful for our volunteer host and hostess. They patrol the Park, clean the restrooms and showers, and clean the fire pit after the guests leave.

Tom and Nan, Park host and hostess

Tom and Nan are from St. Augustine, Florida. Volunteers stay about three months and receive a free camp site. Tom and Nan are going to another Park in South Georgia after their time at Fort Mountain. They plan to winter at Amicolola State Park. Amicololo has the highest water falls in Georgia. The Appalachian Trail begins at the top of those Falls.

Before we knew it, the day was spent. Joyce grilled hamburgers over a wood fire. It gives the burgers a unique flavor and hit the spot for two hungry campers!

Thanks for reading.

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