Critical and Judmental People – Stay Away from Them!

Many churches and pastors don’t seem to realize that their job is to urge us to step higher and deeper into His Kingdom and to saturate their messages with love. Instead, they major on doomsday predictions, nitpick over doctrine, condemn, criticize, and tear down other denominations, churches, and even their own congregants. 

I attended a church like that and would come home feeling nasty and dirty when I really had not done anything to feel nasty and dirty about. I had a lady on Facebook condemn me for responding with “Amen” on a post I liked. She said it was a pagan word implying that I was less than Christian for using it. Geeze. Where do people come up with stuff like that. They certainly don’t come up with it on their own. They hear it from their negative, nitpicking pastor. Such people, churches, and pastors claim to be discerning and biblical but instead are skeptical, negative, judgmental, and legalistic. 

No dear lady, speak for yourself. Go pick on somebody else. I have been purified by the blood of Jesus. The Bible says, “The blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin if we are walking in the Light” (1 John 1:7). I know who I am in Christ and the treasures of grace and mercy He has so generously poured upon me. 

The Apostle Paul said “Everything that is done must strengthen you” (1 Corinthians 14:26). Nitpicking, judgmental, and critical Christians are quick to point out the speck in my eye, but they can’t see the log in their own eye!  

We know words from others are truly His words when they encouragingly build us up and not tear us down! – based on “Hearing His Voice” devotional by Chris Tiegreen for August 3.

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