Hudson’s Restaurant, Hilton Head, South Carolina

My brother took me to his condo on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and to Hudson’s Seafood Restaurant on the Intercoastal Waterway. I splurged big time. Here is my story.

I enjoyed a wonderful supper at Hudson’s and gained three pounds. Was it worth it?  Absolutely!  

My indulgence taught me a neat lesson about weight gain and weight loss.  Weight loss is strange. Weird. Here’s what I mean. 

On July 13, I weighed 232.1, and the graph was showing an overall downward trend. Then, on Friday July 14, my brother took me to his condo on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. 

Now, Hilton Head is home to some of the finest seafood restaurants on the East Coast. Don took me to Hudson’s, established in 1920, on the beautiful Intercoastal Waterway. We watched the sun sink in the West while we enjoyed our delicious seafood at a table on the deck. 

Beautiful sunset on Hilton Head Intercoastal Waterway at Hudson’s Seafood Restaurant
Hudson’s owns this shrimp trawler – the only restaurant on Hilton Head that owns its own shrimp boat. Catch them that day, enjoy the freshest shrimp that same evening!

I had a Southern favorite, a very salty shrimp and grits covered with a delicious sauce. The sauce makes this dish!  I enjoyed it immensely along with the view, the pelicans diving for their supper, and fellowship with my brother. Life is good!
Hudson’s shrimp and grits. Notice the hush puppies in the background. My brother and I ate two bowls of them. Best I ever had! Delicious!

On Saturday morning, we ate at the famous Hilton Head Diner. I was bad again and ordered the Italian bread French toast and slathered it with syrup. Man, it was good. 

On Sunday morning, the 16th, I weighed-in curious as to the effect all of this rich food had on my weight!  

Woa Nelly! The scale looked back at me showing 235.5 pounds, a gain of 2.9 (almost 3) pounds. That was at 4:30am. 

Monday morning, July 17, I woke up again in the middle of the night. Insomnia is the pits!  I weighed-in at 235.5. No change. 

Again, I woke up this morning at 1am 😡 and weighed. This time, it was 233.5, a loss of 2 pounds 😀. Wow!  

I’m guessing, all of that salt was released since I sipped on water all day. That was two pounds of fluid! 

I went back to bed at 1am and finally slept soundly even moving into the deep sleep REM stage dreaming pleasant dreams. I slept until 9am this morning. 

Everything I read about weight loss stresses the importance of a good night’s sleep. I woke up refreshed and haven’t felt the need to take a nap today!

Oh, and I weighed-in at 9am at a very happy 232.7, a loss of .8 pounds – close enough to a pound to make me feel good and very close to my pre-Hilton Head weight of 231.2!  Thank goodness!

I suppose it’s OK to splurge every now and then knowing what the immediate consequences will be especially if you’re a senior citizen like me with a slow as molasses in the winter metabolism.  

But I know one thing, if I ate like that all the time, I’d weigh 300 pounds by Christmas – far from my goal of 220!  

And another thing, I think you could weigh at three different times in a day and have three different results. Weight loss can be strange, but as long as the graph is going down over time, I’ll be happy!


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