Weight Loss – Is It Going to Take 10 Years??

I’ve been trying to lose weight for 6 months! At the rate I’m going, it’s going to take 10 years to lose 10 pounds and forever to reach my ideal weight of 180 pounds. I’m currently at 233.6. Here’s why I think it’s going to take 10 years.


I’m puzzled about this weight loss thing. Yesterday, I walked 4.36 miles which includes a 2 mile walk on the track and 9,549 steps according to my Fitbit. Plus, I swam 45 minutes in our pool. I did a workout. I drank plenty or water throughout the day. Last night, my wife fixed shrimp creole with healthy quinoa (no white rice or salt), multigrain crackers, a lettuce and carrot salad with oil and vinegar dressing, fresh picked Peach for dessert, and green tea. 

I figured that I would have lost an ounce or maybe two. Right? No, I gained .3 ounces from yesterday morning 😳, and over the past three mornings including this morning, I’ve gained .11 ounces – almost a pound. 

I expect instant results or at least better results after 6 months. You’d think I would have lost 20 pounds or more during that time of walking and eating healthy. But no, I’ve only lost 7. Well, I guess that’s better than gaining 7!!! 

My devotion this morning was about God’s promise to Abraham to be the father of many nations. He didn’t even have a son when God made that promise to him. It took a while for God to fulfill His promise to Abraham. That fact encouraged me to keep going with faith and patience. But, it sure would be nice to take a magic pill today and wake up in the morning 20 pounds lighter!  

I’ll keep giving it my best shot. I’m in it to win it even if it takes ten years. And, at the rate I’m going, that’s probably what it’s going to take!

Supper last night

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