The Detoxification Tornado

Detoxifying my body was like a tornado sweeping my body up and away. It wasn’t pleasant to go through, but the end results were worth it. Here’s my story.


Like an unexpected tornado in the middle of the night is how detoxification hit my wife and I. 

The nails were pulled out. The boards flew off the house. The windows shattered. The roof disappeared. Yep. That’s how detoxifying was for us . Whew!  Lord, have mercy. 

“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Toto!”

Something strange and mysterious swept over us. It was totally unforeseen and unexpected. It caused sleeplessness. A few nights ago. I went to bed at 10pm. I fell promptly asleep, and then was wide awake at 12:30am. I tried to go back to sleep but sleep wouldn’t come. 

That’s not the first time that’s happened to me. And, it’s also happened to Joyce. It’s occurred a couple of times. Too many times. Insomnia! Where did you come from? The tornado swept down upon us wrecking our peaceful nights. 

Wide awake in the middle of the night? What gives?

My wife has not only suffered insomnia, but she also has had headaches. When sleeplessness hit me the other night, I got up and went to watch TV. Before I could find the remote and settle in the big chair, Joyce called me.  I went to see what the midnight call was all about. “I’ve got a terrible headache and can’t sleep,” she said. “Would you mind getting me a couple of Tylenol?”  

By now, my wife had whipped out her trusty iPhone (yes, at midnight!) and had done some research on the internet. She found the answer to “What in the world is going on with our midnight bodies?”

“I’ve pulled up several sites on detoxification and insomnia,” she told me. “Insomnia and headaches are side effects of detoxification.”

Imagine that!  The juice cleanse we had been doing caused sleeplessness. We finally had an answer. Mystery solved. 

(I wrote a blog article on sleeplessness caused by our detoxification. Click the link to read it.)

I responded, “I’ve never had insomnia in my life. If eating healthy food and juicing is making me red-eyed, I’m going back to junk food!  I went to the pantry where I kept my stash. I neede some sleep. 

“Do you know where the the potato chips are? I’m sure I had a whole bag in there somewhere. And, where is that box of  Ritz Crackers and Jif peanut butter? I’m craving a peanut butter cracker to go with my potato chips. You know, a midnight snack.”

“Oh, I’ve thrown all that stuff away!”  Woa Nelly! The tornado cleaned house!!!

“You’ll just have to eat an apple or some fruit. There’s fruit in the refrigerator,” she told me. 

Yuk! An apple might keep the doctor away, but there’s no way it will make me sleepy enough to go back to bed and sleep the rest of that wasted night!  No way!

So, I thought to myself, “I might as well stay up and finish that healthy eating book, The Daniel Plan, that I started.” And, I did get through a lot of it. 

Who can sleep when the detox tornado blows up your house and leaves you wide awake at midnight wondering what just happened? You might as well stay up and read 😳. 

My wife and I started eating healthy food at the first of this year (2017). Then she bought a juicer about three weeks ago (May 17). We’ve been juicing two to three times daily, and life hasn’t been the same because of the detox tornado. 

My wife added juicing to our diet

We had no idea what detoxing was a few months ago.  We hadn’t even heard about it. All we were trying to do was lose weight. 

I even went on a Five-Day, Five-Night Juice Fast to kick start my stalled weight loss not knowing the insomnia consequesnce. That’s me, just jump in. All or nothing. The juice fast blew up an ominous storm, and the insomnia tornado blew blew me away.  I had no idea what it was or where it was coming from. All I knew was that I couldn’t sleep. 

Insomnia wasn’t and isn’t pleasant. My wife is all worried I’m going to quit this foolishness and fall back into my old junk food habits. But after I sleepily yawned and stretched, I assured her I was in it all the way to the end whenever the end comes. 

Then she said, “After we reach our goal weight, we need to keep juicing once a day. It’s healthy, you know. How else can we get all these nutrients from kale, Romain lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, apples, and all those healthy vegetables and fruits I use to make it from in just one glass. I have some in the refrigerator now. I’ll pour you a glass. Drink up!”

What’s so bad is that the juicing for weight loss isn’t going so good right now for me. It’s going fine for my wife. She’s lost 27 pounds! 

Losing weight was our original intention. It’s working for her but not for me.  I weighed in this morning at 234.3 pounds. That’s a gain of 1.3 pounds from yesterday  morning’s weight of 233!  What gives?

Where’s the peanut butter and Ritz crackers? If I’m going to gain weight on this juicing diet, I might as well indulge myself in a little pleasure!

Go figure. Yesterday, I only had two bowls of my wife’s tasty homemade chicken soup with vegetables and a few barley grain crackers – healthy crackers, the kind not made from unhealthy white bleached, processed flour. I also had some fruit, and drank lots of water which is supposed to help lose weight.  And, I drank a couple of glasses of juice from the juicer Joyce made for us. Plus, we walked two miles. I did everything right and gained 1.3 stinking pounds!  It’s maddening!

Joyce is really worried that I’m getting discouraged and going to quit. But, I assured her I’m in it to win it. Besides, the detox tornado has blown everything apart, and I don’t have any where to live now that my body has been detoxed.  I feel like a stranger in my own body. 

I’m trusting my body will rebuild itself into a healthy habitation one day, and that I can live in a brand new dwelling. And hopefully, it will be a smaller, less weightier house. After all, hope springs eternal. 

It took some getting used to drinking kale, Romain lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and other “tasty” vegetables and fruits that she juiced. She’s learned to make smoothies recently, and those taste much better. 

I’m almost desperate to lose weight. I mentioned that I went on a Five-Day, Five-Night Juicing Fast! As a Type-1, insulin dependent diabetic, my blood sugar sometimes got so low on that juice fast that I had to eat a carb or two to sustain me. So, it wasn’t a 100% juice fast, but it was close. 

My juice fast had some other unpleasant side effects in addition to my blood sugar falling out occasionally.  

I understand low blood sugar. It’s relatively easy to fix. Eat 15 grams of carbs. Wait 15 minutes and repeat if needed. That’s a lot easier said than done. With a low, I feel like I could eat everything in the refrigerator and the refrigerator too!

But, I didn’t understand the sleeplessness. What was going on with this?  I’ve never had insomnia in my life. 

I did some quick research on the internet and discovered that insomnia is indeed a detox side effect as it expelled the toxins in my body that had resided in it for who knows how long. 

That caused my insomnia. I guess that could have been an easy fix too. Just start eating the junk food again that my body craved. But, I didn’t. I’m in it to win it and will put up with the insomnia and read all night!

I knew nothing about toxins. Toxins? Really? What are those? 

Well, I found out they’re like poisons we acquire from unhealthy food. Processed food has ingredients in it I can’t even pronounce!  Restaurant food is loaded with salt and unhealthy saturated fats which comes from frying food. And, God knows what additives that restaurant and fast food has in it!

Restaurant food and fast food are addictive by design. It creates cravings and guarantees repeat customers which mean more profits. There are, for example, over 14,000 McDonalds in the USA. If they weren’t profitable, there wouldn’t be so many of them practically on every corner and in every town. 

McToxin anyone?

Moreover, fast food is cheap. You can get 5 McToxin hamburgers for a dollar. Dairy Queen has a super deal too. Their $5 lunch special features your choice of a Three-Piece Chicken Strip dinner or a Deluxe Cheeseburger along with crispy fries, a 21 oz drink and a hot fudge chocolate sundae for dessert. Wow! 

Our SAD diet (Standard American Diet) loads our body up with toxins that lead to high blood pressure, obesity, Type-2 diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, high LDL cholesterol (the bad kind), sleep apnea, and many other bad health consequences. 

We were going out two to three times a week, and thought nothing of grabbing some toxic fast food while we were out shopping because we don’t know any better. Knowledge is power. We know better now!  

When we detox our body from all of this poison caused by an unhealthy diet and restaurant food, sleeplessness and headaches are often an unpleasant reaction. 

Toxins also accumulate in our liver. Our liver performs approximately 40,000 metabolic processes in the body. It’s the workhouse of our digestive system. 

Our liver normally removes and breaks down toxins as toxic blood enters it from our bloodstream. Breaking down toxins creates byproducts that can damage the liver. Although the liver has a great capacity for regeneration, constant exposure to toxic substances can cause serious, sometimes irreversible harm. You can’t get a liver transplant! We’re stuck with what we have. So, we better take good care of it. 

Symptoms of a toxic liver include waking up in the morning feeling tired and lethargic, general moodiness, feelings of despair, and occasional outbursts of anger. These symptoms can all be caused by a burdened liver. 

Symptoms of liver toxicity can also be manifested in problems with the digestive system like swelling and bloating after a meal and the seeming inability to lose weight regardless of diet or exercise. These too are possible indicators of liver dysfunction. 

Talk about toxicity in our body!  My wife experienced another detoxification phenomenon in addition to the ones I’ve already discussed.  

Joyce woke-up the other morning with a disgusting metallic taste in her mouth of all things. That was a new experience!  She Googled that and lo and behold, she found that one toxin in our body is metal. Aluminum is the most prominent metal in our body. We didn’t know that either. 

We acquire aluminum from several sources. Think about it. We use aluminum foil, aluminum cookware, and other products made from aluminum in the storage and cooking of our food.  Aluminum then leaks into the food that we eat. Who would have known?  

Major sources of aluminum that gets into our body are from aluminum pots and pans, aluminum foil, canned food, silverware, canned sodas and beers and other canned drinks, deodorant, and even our water supply. 

It’s no wonder then that my wife tasted aluminum in her mouth when she detoxified. We both learn something new almost every day about our body’s toxicity!  

All those toxins being blown away by the detoxification tornado create havoc in our body like sleeplessness, irritability, nausea, and headaches. But, it’s only temporary. The tornadic storm will pass. The sun will shine. Blue skies are ahead. A new life of energy and mental alertness awaits. Your liver will be glad too. 

Just brace yourself for the first few days. Remember too that detoxification occurs in phases. You may think your home-free, but then another tornado and another and another  blows into your body until it is swept clean! 

After you get through those few days, the release from toxicity is amazing. You really don’t crave much of anything you once craved. And if you do, it’s a mental craving rather than a physical one. At least that’s been my experience.

There’s a lot to learn and a lot of unpleasantness to go through detoxification because of the toxic, addictive additives put into our food supply. 

For example, did you know that the FDA currently allows six different kinds of steroid hormones to be used in the animals we eat? Yes SIX!  

These steroid additives are anabolic growth-promoting drugs to enhance and increase meat production. They are by far the most potent hormones found in the food supply.

Currently, these are the six different steroidal hormones injected into beef cattle that are approved by the FDA for use in “food animals.” 

Yes, dairy and beef cattle are injected with hormones!
1. Estradiol – a form of estrogen, a female sex hormone produced by the ovaries. 

2. Progesterone – one of the hormones in females that stimulates and regulates various functions. Progesterone plays a role in maintaining pregnancy. The hormone is produced in the ovaries, the placenta (when a woman gets pregnant), and the adrenal glands. It helps prepare the female body for conception and pregnancy and regulates the monthly menstrual cycle. It also plays a role in sexual desire. And, most if not all of us of didn’t know we’re eating that hormone!

3. Testosterone – a hormone that is responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics. Females also produce testosterone but usually in smaller amounts.  It is thought to regulate a number of functions.  In addition to sperm production, it effects sex drive, bone mass, fat distribution, muscle size and strength, red blood cell production. It contains tenbolone acetate which is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid and is considered the single greatest anabolic steroid by many for athletic performance enhancement. 

4. Progestin melengestrol acetate – This is a synthetic form of the naturally occurring hormone. It reduces pituitary function, thus preventing a female cow from coming into heat. Progestogens can provide an effective means of resetting the cow’s physiological clock. Lifetime productivity is enhanced if heifers reach puberty by 12 months of age, conceive at 15 months of age, and calve at 2 years of age. This hormone delays that.  This hormone too is most likely in the beef we eat. 

5. Zeranol – This is an estrogenic substance used to fatten livestock in the United States and Canada. 

Consumption of beef from Zeranol-treated cattle has been associated with precocious puberty in some boys and early breast development in girls. It’s marketed as Ralgro and used as a growth promotant in cattle. 

 Zeranol is an endocrine disruptor that blocks estrogen, resulting in growth rate abnormalities. 

Introduction of synthetic hormones like Zeranol in beef cattle can cause faster puberty rates among girls. The problem with this is that faster puberty rates are linked to higher cancer rates! 

Early puberty beginning at age 8 or younger has been a concern among health scientists, doctors, and parents too. One study was conducted on girls who had all reached puberty too early. Guess what? Traces of Zeranol were found in the girls blood, when an investigation was done by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. 

Today in the United States, 46% of girls reach puberty before the age of eight years old. In countries, like Europe, where growth hormones including Zeranol are banned in dairy and beef cattle, the average age of puberty is between the normal ages of 15-17 years old. 

Another adverse side effect of cattle injected with Zeranol is that obese women may be at greater risk of developing Zeranolinduced breast cancer. Since obese women already have high levels of leptin, a hormone produced by fat cells, Zeranol can promote breast cancer growth. 

The only sure way to avoid eating these hormones added to dairy and beef cattle is to buy organic beef or buffalo. 

Currently, in the United States, a product is considered “organic” if the food, farm, handlers, and processors of that food all meet specific criteria from the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Meat is designated to be organic if the animals do not receive any antibiotics or growth hormones. 

To be labeled “organic” means that beef cattle cannot be confined in a feed lot for any extended period of time, cannot be over-crowded or kept in unsanitary conditions, and cannot be directly or indirectly exposed to artificial pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, GMOs (Genetically modified foods like corn which is often used to feed cattle) or other synthetic contaminants. Yes, it’s a little more expensive, but Joyce and I feel that it’s worth it. 

Joyce has recently started buying buffalo meat. Buffalo are living in a freer environment compared to cattle. Buffalo meat is rich in flavor, low in fat and high in protein. It is lower in calories and cholesterol than beef, pork, turkey, and even skinless chicken. Plus, the FDA has made it illegal to use growth hormones in buffalo. 

6. Recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBgh) is used to increase milk production in dairy cattle. Its made in a lab using genetic technology and is not permitted in the European Union, Canada, and some other countries. 

The American Cancer Society reports early studies linked the use of this hormone as a contributor to tumor development, specifically breast, prostate and colorectal (colon) cancers.  While research has not clarified the connection, continuing research efforts support these studies. 

Cows given rBGH are more likely to develop mastitis, an inflammation and infection of mammary tissue. Early studies found this led to bacteria and potential pus in milk. While laws prohibit distribution of contaminated milk, the simple fact is that milk from cows treated with rBGH are more likely to suffer contamination than others. This problem was one of the reasons the European Union and other countries banned it. 

rBGH also causes a wide range of health problems for cows which require the use of antibiotics to negate these problems.  Fortunately, most producers label their milk. So, it is easy to find non-rBGH/rBST milk. Of course, the easiest way to know your milk is free from rBGH is to buy organic milk. 

Today, virtually the entire U.S. population consumes, without any warning, labeling, or information, unknown and unpredictable amounts of hormone residues in dairy and meat products over a lifetime.

In 1981, the European Union banned the use of all hormone growth promoters in animals followed by a ban on imports of U.S. beef in 1989 for the protection of European human health. 

Fortunately,  the FDA does not allow these six hormones for use in poultry.  Your chicken strips and tenders or however you like your chicken are hormone free! 

Joyce and I have become very careful in what we eat. We don’t trust food manufacturers like we used to. Basically, if it’s made in a plant, we don’t eat it. If it’s made from a plant, we eat it or juice it and drink it. 

We’ve worked hard to detox our bodies and have been through some unpleasant experiences from the detoxification tornado that blew through our bodies. We’ve come too far to go back to our former way of eating. 

That detox tornado blew down our old body. We are building a new, toxic free body the best that we know how to do in order to hopefully live a longer, healthier, and very active life in our senior years together. 

Healthy eating for hopefully a long life of health and activity together in our senior years!

Thanks for reading. I hope and pray that you’ve found my article informative, entertaining, and helpful in your quest for a healthier life and life style. 

A comment section is available after this article, and also a box where you can enter your email address to follow my blog. 


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