Who Am I?

Our identity can be shaped by our past accomplishments and failures, our performance, our peers, and other influences. But, whom am I? Really? Who am I? There is only one true identity each of us has. That identity shapes who we are and everything we do.


“I need to see some identity.” Have you ever been asked that question?” We all have. We pull out our driver’s license with our lovely picture on it and all the important data that defines who we are. Our date of birth, address, and full name satisfy the inquisitor. We’ve proven we are who we say we are by a state ID. 

There are many other sources who define our identity. To my wife, I’m her husband. To my children, I am dad. To my grandchildren, I am granddaddy. To my parents, I am son. To the government, I am a tax-payer and a citizen. To a politician, I am a voter. 

All of us have felt defined by our past, our peers, or our performance. Sometimes, others call us slanderous names. They Pharisees called Jesus, “Beelzebub,” the devil. But Jesus was secure in His identity that His Father had given Him. “You are my Son in whom I am well pleased.”

Jesus gives us a name too. That’s our real identity. That’s who we really are. The name Jesus gives us is not based on our baggage, our distorted thinking, our self-perceptions, or slanderous names others call us. It isn’t a name we earn or deserve. It’s not based on our profession or accomplishments or our failures. It is rooted in Christ’s identity and reflects exactly who we are created to be. His voice alone tells us who we are!

God calls us His child! He promises you His inheritance and sees you healthy and whole and holy in Christ. He gives us privileges as priest and king. This is who we really are, now and forever. His opinion of us is the only one that matters! – based on “Hearing His Voice” devotional for June 7, 2017, by Chris Tiegreen

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