Day 4 and Night 4 of My 5-Day Juicing Fast – Cuss Word

I’m mad at myself this morning. And, I have no one to blame but myself. I goofed up on the Memorial Day holiday and paid the price last night and this morning. Here’s my story of Day 4, Night 4 of my 5-Day Juice Fast.


I’m mad at myself this morning. Really mad 😑!  I’m so mad that I feel like shouting out a bad word. 

Now, my Mom and Dad didn’t cuss. I never heard them use profanity. Well, maybe I heard Dad say a few. But, it was nothing more than the “D” word. We just didn’t go around cursing people or things in our house. They practiced that Scripture that says, “Watch the way you talk. Let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth. Say only what helps, each word a gift” (Ephesians 4:29 MSG). 

So, I’ll forget the dirty word I want to write and just say, “Dadgumit.”  


I did everything wrong yesterday that I know to do right in regards to juicing and losing weight. Everything!  No excuses. 

But as I thought about yesterday early this morning, at least I can see and analysis my meltdown. 

First, it was Memorial Day, and my brother came over to grill steaks. He bought them. Filet Mignon. They were good. I only ate about 4-5 ounces, half of a baked potato, a slice of healthy, homemade corn-type bread without the corn that my wife made, salad, and strawberries and blueberries for dessert. It was a healthy small portion meal. 

Second, I didn’t juice enough. I drank only two glasses of juice from our juicer that my wife made. I have been drinking three or four glasses a day. 

Third, I slipped up by eating two, maybe three big handfuls of peanut M & M’s. I only intended to eat two or three pieces, but I lost control and gobbled them up. There are 62 calories in 6 pieces of peanut M & M’s. I figure I stuffed in about 180 calories or maybe more 😑! They were in the pantry calling my name. 

Fourth, I had a couple of graham crackers with homemade peanut butter, a banana, and a glass of 2% milk. Another weakness. 

And finally, I didn’t exercise. It rained, I mean an old fashioned southern thunderstorm rain all yesterday afternoon. It rained cats and dogs. A gully washer. I couldn’t walk or swim in a lightning storm!

But, it didn’t rain yesterday morning. It was a beautiful spring morning. I shoul have walked and swam in our pool then. Besides, my Shwinn Air Dyne exercise bike was sitting in the corner of my man cave waiting to be ridden. But, it wasn’t calling my name like the M & M’s were. 

I paid dearly for my transgressions. My weight went up from 231 pounds Sunday morning to 232.1 this morning, a gain of 1.1 dadgum pounds! It’s easy, Oh so easy to put on and hard to take off. Real hard, at least for me at age 66. 

I also paid with a high blood sugar last night of 274 before bedtime. I felt bad and figured it was up. My glucometer reading confirmed my feeling. 

There’s no rest being a T-1 insulin dependent diabetic. My disease demands constant attention to stay within my personal target range of 90-120 to try and prevent complications from diabetes like blindness, neuropathy, and having your leg cut off because of poor blood circulation. Those complications are enough to scare me into compliance. 

I entered the number into my Medtronic Paradigm Insulin Pump and entered 274. It did the math and said I needed a bolus of 3.2 units to get it back to an acceptable level. I pressed the deliver insulin button, and the life-sustaining liquid was delivered. 

This morning, I registered a very comfortable 103, perfect for me. A good way to start my day after bumping up 1.1 pounds. 

However, I’m mad at myself for the 1.1 gain. 😑

But, it sure helps to think and write about it. There, I’m feeling better already. After all, it is a beautiful morning. My wife gave me a good kiss, and Sophie came over to give some love. She’s always happy and can quickly take away the grumps with a wag of her tail. 

I’ll get back on track today. There’s a 25% chance of rain this afternoon. The radar shows rain in Atlanta, 120 miles west of us and headed our way. I’ll have to get going soon and head for our walking track and get our swim in before it hits us. And, there’s always the Shwinn sitting in the corner in case my Weather Channel app forecast turns into rain. 

My wife is making our first glass of juice now. So, I’ll get the first one of at least three down. And, I have my cranberry juice with its naturally occurring sugar to keep my blood sugar sustained when it drops like it surely will after our walk in the park and swim. 

Oh, I did get a good night’s sleep. I guess my body has finished detoxing itself. I went to bed at 11 o’clock and got up at 6:30. Good, restful, all night sleep is such a blessing. 

I’ll be OK πŸ˜€ and see what the results are in the morning. 

Will I ever make it into the 220’s? Yes!  I’m going to get there sooner or later and hopefully sooner. Tomorrow would be good!

Thanks for reading. There is a place for comments after this article and a place to enter your email if you’d like to subscribe to my blog. 

Have a blessed day. 

2 thoughts on “Day 4 and Night 4 of My 5-Day Juicing Fast – Cuss Word

  1. I enjoy reading your blog. I have a 16 year old grandson who has T-1 diabetes, and undoubtedly he will have the same challenges as you some day unless a cure is found for this dreadful disease. His challenge now is that his mom and dad are divorcing. One parent sees that he eats a healthy diet and the other doesn’t have the time nor inclination to mess with it. You would think it was the dad who lets him eat junk food, but it is the reverse. I just hope he survives long enough to realize that he has to take care of his body in order to have a life free from the ravages that diabetes can bring.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a tough row to hoe for a 16 year old. It’s tough enough for an old veteran like me. One day he will be on his own managing his diet. Hopefully he marries a helpful wife like mine down the road.

      In the meantime, he is of age to begin self-management. Hopefully, through his dad’s help he knows or is beginning to know healthy from unhealthy eating. Knowing is step one. Applying knowledge is step two.

      Your role can be to support him. This does not mean to police him. Support means understanding and awareness and a pat on the back.

      You could also buy him this book available on Amazon and give it to him. I haven’t read it, but the reviews are outstanding.



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