Day 2 and Night 2 of My 5-Day Juicing Fast – Celebrating!

This is Day 2, Night 2 of juicing for me in my attempt to jump start losing weight having only lost 7 pounds since I started my efforts on December 26. How is it working? Read my story in this post.


I weighed 232.5 pounds this morning down from 234.4 pounds yesterday morning.  That’s a loss of 1.9 pounds. Unbelievable. Celebrating time!  Oh yea!

I’m so happy this morning that I can’t stand it! 1.9 pounds gone!  

I juiced 4 times yesterday with some cranberry juice thrown in at times to stabilize my glucose and keep it from falling out. It’s like walking a tight rope to lose weight and manage glucose for a Type-1 insulin dependent diabetic like me. It’s not easy, but yesterday I did it! 😀

We had some friends over for dinner. Joyce fixed a delicious healthy meal. I had corn on the cob. Didn’t add salt, but I did put a little dab of butter on it. Joyce grilled steaks. I had about 4 ounces and no salt added. She also prepared a delicious whole grain cornbread. And, we also had fresh cantaloupe and the ever present healthy salad. For dessert there was fresh strawberries and blueberries. Gotta love that summer fruit!

Then after they left, it was back to juicing before bedtime. 

I also slept great unlike the first night after juicing when I woke up at midnight, 1am, 2am, and 3am at which time I gave up and got up. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel lethargic and the need for a nap. Energy!  My body was running on a nuclear power. Amazing. 

Well, it was actually energized from the nutrients from the vegetable and fruit juice made in our juicer we purchased last week. This energy is an incredible feeling for me especially at 66 years old. 

I went to bed last night at 11:00 and slept very soundly until 7:30. Highly unusual for me. That’s 8 and a half hours of blissful sleep. They say you need to sleep and let your body and mind recharge itself, and it did. I’m good for another 9 innings as Nolan Ryan, my favorite pitcher of the past, once said. 

Strangely though, I woke up to a 45 glucose. 45. Not good. In the danger zone of passing out. So, I took it again with my glucometer. Yep, 45!

And, the low didn’t wake me like it usually does. I knew I needed some carbs. So, I helped myself to a graham cracker and homemade peanut butter I made at the grocery store. My old delicious standby when I go low. I love peanut butter on a cracker. Love it!

You don’t have to go to the health food store to get healthy food. It’s all at your grocery store!

I also drank 8 ounces of pure cranberry juice. A lot of people don’t know this, but pure juice has naturally occuring sugar in it. My glucose responded instantly and then the longer acting carbs from the peanut butter and cracker kept it up. Good going, Dan! I didn’t pig out like I used to when my blood sugar feel into the basement. 

You see, lows cause me to want to eat everything in the house including the house. But, no longer. I’ve learned to manage them in a healthy way. Like they used to say in the old hair gel commercial,  “A little dab (of peanut butter) will do.”  And, it did. 

“A little dab will do ya”
Day 2, Night 2. Success!  Lost some lbs, managed my low, ate a healthy dinner, drank lots of water. I batted 4 for 4!  That’s a 1.000 batting average!  Perfect. 

And, I’m going to keep my hitting streak going today too. Stay tuned. 
Thanks for reading. Comments at the end of this post are most welcome, and there is a box for your email address. Please subscribe to my blog. It makes me feel as good as batting a thousand!  

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