Day 1 and Night 1 of My 5-Day Juicing Fast

I’ve decided to take drastic measures to lose weight after 5 months of little success. I’m turning to juicing 3 times a day. Here’s my story.


I’ve decided to go a a 5-Day juicing diet. Yep. It’s time to take drastic measures!  I’ve got to jump start this weight loss thing. 

Whatever Joyce puts in the juicer, I’ll drink it. Today, it’s been juice made from beet greens, kale, carrots, limes, lemons, and no telling what else!  Down the hatch!

Down the hatch!

Juice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with cranberry juice for a snack and drinking lots of water in between. 

I’m cleaning out the toxins and de-toxifying my old body!

And just in case my blood sugar falls out, I’ve got plenty of carbohydrate-rich cranberry juice standing by to bring it back up. 

But before I started this 5-day juice fast, I had one last fling at my favorite Mexican restaurant the other night with some friends. I had two small margueritas, a beef burrito, chips and salsa (no cheese dip, and lots of good fellowship. 

It’s kind of like Mardis Gras (Fat Tuesday) before Ash Wednesday and the giving up of some things for Lent. I had my Mardis Gras that night! Lent began yesterday for me!

The result of my Mexican romp? I went from 233.1 pounds morning to 234.8 pounds the next morning. That’s a gain of 1.7 pounds in one day!  And to think, we used to eat Mexican twice a week and take in a 5 Guys hamburger and fries every now and then too. Whew. No wonder I’m so fat!  

Fat me and little Sophie on August 4, 2016 with fresh South Carolina peaches. Sophie is 3 months old

We started trying to eat healthy and drink lots of water back on December 26 when I topped the scale at a whopping 240. 

My wife has done fantastic losing from 174 to 149.6. If she keeps on losing as she plans to do, she will be at her wedding weight of 135 before you know it. 

Joyce looks great! May 14, 2017, at my daughter and son-in-laws home, Palos Heights, Illinois

Not me, however. I just can’t shed the excess baggage. I’ve eaten the healthy meals Joyce has fixed. We walk a total of about 10 or more miles each week. I drink lots of water, but it won’t come off. 

You’d think after five months that I’d have lost 20-25 pounds. Nope. Not me. 

My best weight was 231.2 on April 26. Then, it went back up and I was stuck between 234 and 235 for weeks. 

I read where statins for cholesterol and blood pressure pills hinder weight loss. Two weeks ago without my doctor’s knowledge, I took myself off of them!  Joyce says it takes a while for them to get out of your system. It shouldn’t take too much longer for them to be flushed out. I’ve read where juicing flushes everything out. Good-by you weight loss hindering drugs! Down the toilet. I’m on a weight loss mission! 

Oh, and what about my blood pressure without the pill? It has been perfect!  Joyce is a retired nurse and takes my blood pressure every two days just to be sure. Two days ago, it was 109/73. Perfect!  Without meds!

I’ll have to wait until my next doctor’s appointment and blood test to see if my cholesterol level is OK without the statin drug. 

Now, I’m not recommending this for anybody. If  you are on meds take them as prescribed. But, I have my wife nurse who monitors my health. I am blessed. 

Yesterday was the first day of my drastic action plan. So far, it’s been pretty good. My blood sugar got low last night dropping to 75 which is low for me but normal for you non-diabetics. 

When it goes low like that, I feel like binging on some peanut butter and graham crackers – my weakness. But, to the refrigerator I went for my bottle of cranberry juice. I drank 8 ounces, and it quickly recovered to 83. Pure juice has natural sugars in it. It did the trick. 

Plus, we walked two miles last evening, and it didn’t go low on me. 

I see some bumps down the road though for my drastic action plan. Today, we’re having friends over for dinner. Joyce is planning on fixing something both healthy and delicious. But, I’m not going to sit there and drink vegetables from the juicer while they eat. I’m a little to self-conscious to do that. 

The other bump is Memorial Day.  My brother is coming over, and we will grill out and enjoy our pool. No juicing except in the morning. I’m not giving up my steak!

After Memorial Day, I should be good to go from Tuesday through Friday. 

I’m pretty pumped about my drastic action plan. Already, I feel better. The swelling from the salt loaded Mexican food has already disappated. I got up this morning feeling energetic rather than lethargic like I did for many mornings in the past including mornings after Mexican dinners. 

I’m excited about my drastic action plan. I’m hoping that this 5-day juicing fast jump starts my weight loss and wakes up my slow metabolism. 

I’ll keep you posted. 

Thanks for reading. There is a comment section following this post and a box for your email address if you would like to subscribe to my blog. May you be blessed in the Lord. 

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