A New Day and a Puzzling Dilemma 

It’s a new day for me. I’m determined more than ever to lose the pounds that’s been hanging on in spite of my weight loss efforts for the past five months. I’m going to try something radical. Here’s my story.


Our body is fascinating. I think it has a mind of its own which makes weight loss a puzzling dilemma. 

In referring to this dilemma not in a negative way in the sense you have to make a difficult choice because of a bad situation. The dilemma I’m referring to is the puzzle of losing weight. 

In my last post, I wrote 2+2=5 because what I was doing to lose weight didn’t add up like it was supposed to. (Click the link to read my last post). 


I went from 235.5 on Monday morning to 237 on Tuesday morning, an unwanted gain of 1.5 pounds! 😳. 

Wednesday morning, I was shocked. I weighed in at an astonishing 233.1, a loss of 3.9 pounds in one day! What gives?  What’s going on?

Oh, I know, there are those that say don’t weigh every day. Even professionals like Dr. Don Colbert whose book, I Can Do This Diet advise against weighing daily. It can drive a person nuts doing that. You can become obsessed with the numbers, and I have an obsessive, compulsive, perfectionist personality. I want things I do to be right and won’t rest until it passes my inspection. 

That’s why I weigh every morning and won’t be satisfied with nothing short of meeting my weekly and monthly weight goals. I want my weight where I want it be and that means 180 pounds which is a long way off. But, this is a marathon and not a hundred yard dash!

By weighing daily, I can keep a close eye on my weight. If it’s up, I can analyze it and hopefully find the reason for the gain and correct it. If it’s down even a tenth of a pound, I celebrate and know something good is going on. If it’s the same like this morning at 233.1, oh well. 

But, one thing I’m not doing is obsess about it. No, I’m really not in spite of my obsessive, compulsive, perfectionist personality. 

My understanding of an obsessive personality is being obsessed with something every moment of the day. I’m not obsessed with this. In fact, I’m going Mexican tonight with friends. But, I will order a healthy chicken fajita and a side salad. No more frozen margueritas either!  And, I’ll be sure to eat only a small portion of the fajita and let the waitress throw the rest away. Better in the garbage than in me. 

What is weight loss obsession?  It’s like a teen girl in one of my Facebook weight loss groups who weighed herself 5 or 6 times a day. Her father had to hide the scale and limit her weigh-ins. Now, that’s obsession. I’m not obsessed like she is. 

Well, maybe I’m a little obsessed, but I can handle it! Thank you very much for your concern. I’ll keep doing my daily weigh-ins. 

All I know is this morning, I weighed 233.1 pounds down 3.9 pounds from Monday!  Hallelujah!  Let’s celebrate. Let’s do Mexican 😳!

I’ll celebrate and then do something really radical to get these stubborn pounds rolling off. After all, I started my weight loss journey on December 26 by eating small portions of healthy food and walking two miles daily. That hasn’t been enough. I’ve only lost 7 pounds in five months! Now, that’s a puzzling dilemma for me. 

It’s time for drastic action. Radical action!

My wife, Joyce, bought a juicer last week. We’ve been drinking two glasses daily. I’ve decided I really need and want to jump start this weight loss thing. So, starting tomorrow (tonight is Mexican 😀), I’m going on a five-day juice diet. That outta shake this 66 year old body up some that won’t let go of the fat!  

1st glass of juice!

Now, I’m a Type-1, insulin dependent diabetic and on the greatest ever invention for diabetics – the insulin pump. The trick going on a 5-day juice diet is managing and preventing hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. When a low hits me, I want to eat everything in the house. 

Since I’ve started eating healthy and walking, I’ve had to lower my basal rate some and may have to lower it again during this fast to keep from going low. (The basal rate is like an IV. It is a slow drip of insulin into the body to stay balanced).  Then, when you eat carbs, you bolus by putting in more insulin so you want go high after eating carbs. It’s like walking a tight rope. It’s sometimes hard to do, but with practice, I’ve learned to manage it pretty good. 

It will be a challenge to manage it during this 5-day juice fast. And, just in case I go low, I have plenty of cranberry and pomegranate juice on hand to get it quickly back up. Juices like that, even with no sugar added, are loaded with natural sugar. It’s better drinking 8 ounces of pure juice than gorging on a Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll like I used to do!  I’ve stopped having them in the pantry a long time ago. Thank God!  A friend of mine called them “fat cakes,” and they are!

By the way, juiced vegetables with a little fruit juiced with them are not like cranberry or pomegranate juice. Juiced vegetables are very, very low in calories 😀. 

I’m going to solve this puzzling dilemma of my weight loss one way or the other. A 5-day juice fast is a little radical, I know. But I’ve watched on YouTube, Joe Cross’ testimony called, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.”  He was at 310 pounds and went on a 60-day juicing diet to jump-start his weight loss. If he could juice-fast for 60 days, I figure I can do it for five. 

Joe Cross before and after

Click the link for his amazing transformation testimony to wellness. 

Will this solve my puzzling weight loss dilemma and kick start my slow metabolism? I certainly hope so and believe it will. Stay tuned, and I will give you updates in the coming days. 


As always, thanks for reading. There is a place for your comments at the end of this article. They are welcome. And, you can subscribe to my blog by adding your email address in the box provided at the end of this post. Thanks. 

4 thoughts on “A New Day and a Puzzling Dilemma 

  1. I really like the amount of detail that you put into this post. I enjoy how you talk about exactly what you’re doing, and what’s going through your mind while you do it.

    I am a new blogger on wordpress too. I have followed you, and I hope you do the same for me. Hopefully we can keep each other motivated through our journeys.

    I know you can make that goal. You got this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I love to write. I’m a retried Language Arts teacher. Some men go to the shop and made stuff. Some go fishing. I go to Word Press 😀. I’ll follow you and we can indeed encourage one another.


  2. Congrats on your weight loss and juicing journey. You can do it. If you’re interested, there are some juicing support groups on Facebook. Lots of support, sharing, and even fasting together. You don’t have to do it alone.

    Liked by 1 person

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