Insulin – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Absent-minded me walked off and left my diabetic supplies including my insulin at home on April 29. I had arrived at my daughter, Denise’s apartment in Dothan, Alabama, 350 miles from my home in Appling, Georgia, near Augusta. I looked forward to a nice weekend visit to enjoy time with my son, daughter, and grandchildren, Ben, Kayla, and Gabriel. Me with my grandchildren, Ben, Kayla, and Gabriel

I didn’t realize I left my life line on the counter until after I arrived in Dothan. 

Fortunately, I had an emergency medical bag in my backpack that had my insulin pump supplies and extra glucometer. But, no insulin! OMG!  

I use the Walmart pharmacy near my home and thought, this will be easy. I’ll just get the one in Dothan to call my Walmart in Evans and transfer the prescription. But NO! Nothing is that easy. 

I haven’t had to get insulin from Walmart in many years because the diabetic research program that I’m in through the Medical University of South Carolina supplies it for me. 

I had used Walmart before, but they didn’t have my Humalog script on file any more. Panic time

I had just enough left in my pump to get me through Monday. After it ran out, my blood sugar would spike unmercifully high, and I would feel terrible, sleepy, and lethargic. I thought that I would have to cut my trip short and head back home. 

Then, I reached for my problem solving skills. I realized I had several options. I decided to call my endocrinologist and ask him to call in a prescription. But, I couldn’t reach him! Aghh!

I decided that if worst came to worst, I could go to Prompt Care and get a prescription and finish off my terrible afternoon and hope the pharmacies in Dothan wouldn’t close before I could get it. By now, it was mid-afternoon.  

My mind raced through my options like trying to remember the name of an acquaintance when you run up on them at a store. 

Eureka! I thought of my primary care physician. I called her office and told the receptionist of my dilemma. She replied that Dr. Talley doesn’t return calls until after 5 o’clock. Geeze. Now, I needed a blood pressure pill. It was soaring. 

I told the receptionist that wouldn’t do. “I’m sorry,” she said, “Dr. Talley is with a patient. I’ll try and catch her between patients and see what can be done.”  

I gave her the Dothan Walmart number and breathed a sigh of relief. Whew! Hope!  

I waited for what seemed forever. Finally, the Walmart clerk called my name. “We have the prescription, but it will take about thirty minutes. There are others ahead of you.” Grrr. I’ve got to have that insulin! I had no patience left. 

Sure enough, after my thirty minute wait, my name was called. I got my life giving insulin at last! I thanked her. 

My Medicare supplemental insurance company, Blue Cross/Shield wouldn’t pay for it. They switched to Novalin. But, I didn’t want to change to Novalin. I paid the $200 for the vial of life, and thanked God that I at last had it in my hand!

One thing is for sure, I won’t ever leave home without it again!


4 thoughts on “Insulin – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

  1. I’ve been in this situation before, the only difference being I just hadn’t brought enough Insulin with me for the length of my trip. Once I get to my elderly mother’s, she has a hard time letting me go. I luckily got a hold of my doctor’s office emergency line and the doctor oncall, called my prescription in to a different pharmacy than I was planning on. It required a bit of running around town and phone calls to find it. I also had my insurance involved to be sure to get coverage on the new bottle. I’m into punishing myself for poor planning, but I don’t get crazy about it! I’m very happy it worked out for you too. It has to, with this do or die situation.

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    1. Thanks for reading and sharing your story. It’s funny how it helps me in some weird way to know I’m not the only one who forgot Insulin on a trip.

      Yes, you were lucky to get your doctor’s emergency line. Thankful all worked out for you.

      My experience really caused a panicky feeling for me. I have to admit that sometimes I took insulin for granted. But, not any more. Blessings.


  2. Thanks for sharing your story Dan. I too am a T1 and i travel quite a bit. I have been fortunate to have never forgotten my insulin, but I have, on occasion, have forgotten my meter and I have had to go to a local Walmart to purchase another. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Tony. I appreciate the read and comment.

      Lot easier to get a meter than what I had tried through to get a bottle. I believe they’d let a person die to follow procedures.



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