Not Bad

I had a wonderful visit with my children and grandchildren in Dothan, Alabama, this week. I pretty much stayed on my diet except for one “cheat meal” which I paid dearly for that night. Here’s the whole story.


Ben and Denise

I weighed myself this morning after spending a wonderful week with my children, Kevin and Denise, and grandchildren, Gabriel, Kayla, and Ben way down in Dothan, Alabama. 

I weighed 232.2 when I left and just weighed-in at 232.7, a gain of only half a pound. Not bad considering I drove 6 1/2 hours yesterday and didn’t walk. 

I checked my Fitbit record and only walked four and a half miles for the whole time I was with them. Usually, I walk about 12 miles or more during that time period. But, I had two days driving and didn’t walk on those two driving days. 

Tuesday was my best day. I did get in 4 1/2 miles and almost 10,000 steps. 

I stayed on my diet tolerably well except for Wednesday night when I treated everyone to Lone Star Steak House. I should have only ordered a salad!  But, those ribs, loaded baked potato, delicious honey wheat bread slathered in creamy butter, and their frozen, loaded with sugar, Marguerita, called my name. I looked up everything on line the next morning and came up with 1613 calories!  1613!   I haven’t eaten like that in months!  I paid for it though. Thirty minutes of pleasuarable indulgence really cost me. My blood sugar zoomed out of sight to 429 and I fought getting it back to a normal range all night pumping in the insulin. 

Other than that one super-sized, cheat meal, I stayed pretty much on my diet. Not bad. 

I got to watch Gabriel and Kayla play two baseball/softball games. That was priceless to me. 

On another note, can I vent and tell you how much I absolutely abhor Atlanta traffic. The Interstates around the capital city are nightmarish. It took forever to merge from 285 on to 20 eastbound.   Construction delays  and traffic tie-ups were everywhere fraying my nerves. I can usually make the 350 mile trip in six hours or less. This time, itvwas almost seven hours. And, it wasn’t rush hour. 

I would hate to have to commute to Atlanta every day. I think I would go crazy for sure!  I don’t know how truck drivers do it. If it wasn’t for one nice truck driver who let me squeeze on to I-20, I guess I’d still be waiting to merge!

Well, I’m home safe and sound. Joyce was real happy to see me and had broiled pork chops, brown rice, and a salad waiting on me. My little Shelties, Sophie, Lilly, and Tipper were glad too. Joyce said Sophie had been moping around all week sitting in front of our dining room window waiting on me. She said Sophie had had several “Dan alerts” and would run to the door several times. She had to open the door several times to show her no one was there. 

There’s nothing like family. If you’ve got family, you’ve got everything. I wish they all lived a little closer. And, there’s nothing like a good wife and loyal Sheltie to come home to. I’m blessed beyond measure. That’s not bad. That’s very good!  

“Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him” (Psalm 127:3 NIV)

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