Never Again

I blew it. I mean I REALLY blew it! I was doing so good on losing weight. Then, I decided to have an over indulgent “cheat meal.” I paid dearly all night for that thirty minutes of pleasurable eating. Read my story about my miserable, sleepless night of high blood sugar that follows this introduction.

My granddaughter Kayla and grandson Gabriel

I’m in Dothan, Alabama, visiting my son, Kevin, and my daughter, Denise, and my three grandchildren, Ben, Gabriel, and Kayla. Kayla and Gabriel are in the middle of ball season, and I wanted to watch them play. It’s 350 miles from my house in Appling, Georgia. So, when I come, I stay a few days. 

Denise and Ben

I wanted to treat them all last night at a nice restaurant. I enjoy doing nice things for my family as any father would. I took them to Longhorns Steak House. We had a wonderful time. 

I’m a T1 diabetic and am trying to lose weight after hitting 240 pounds on December 28. I bought a couple of books on weight loss and nutrition by Don Colbert, MD, and I’ve been religiously following his dietary recommendations. As a result, I’ve lost seven pounds. Yea!

However, last night was a different chapter. A horror story. 

I’ve read posts in my Facebook groups that I follow about people having a “cheat meal” from time to time. Well, I rationalized my enormous meal at Long Horns last night as a “cheat meal.”  What could it hurt, right?  It was a fun night. My family was enjoying their meal. I decided to join in the merriment. “Eat, drink, and be merry,” the ancient Greek Epicureans used to say. 

Well, it was fun going down, but I paid a steep price for it last night.  I was very miserable, and decided this morning to look online for the calories I had eaten last night. Shocking!

 Here’s what I consumed:

  • One chicken wing appetizer. 58 calories 
  • Baby back ribs half rack. Delicious but a whooping 549 calories. 
  • Loaded baked potato. 495
  • One slice of bread. 43 calories. At least I had the self discipline to eat only one slice. I wanted more!
  • Thousand Island dressing. 190
  • Mixed greens salad. 9 calories
  • Margarita. 269

1613 calories total!  Yuk!

I checked my glucose before I ate last night as I always do. It came in perfect at 83. I decided to bolus 15 units of insulin for 200 carbs which seemed reasonable to me. Wrong! 

I guess I should have bolused 100 units!

After I got back to my daughter’s apartment, I felt so bad that I went to bed at 9pm with a 318 glucose and an incessant thirst. But I thought, “Not bad. No problem.” I bolused 5 units. “That ought to knock it down.” Wrong again!

I was restless and woke up with a terrible thirst again at 11pm from high blood sugar. What happens is that it gets so high that water can no longer be absorbed back into our bloodstream. In fact, water is being absorbed OUT of our bloodstream creating a continual thirst until the glucose falls into a more normal range. 

When I awoke at 11 0’clock, I thought, “No way! It’s supposed to be going down.” I gulped down 8 more ounces of water, and I checked it again. Instead of going down, it was  346. Not to be outdone, I pumped in 8 more units. 

Back to bed. Couldn’t sleep. Checked it at midnight. An unbelievable 429, and I was feeling a touch of nausea. Drank 8 ounces of water. “Should I go to the hospital? Naw, I got this!”

Up again at 3:30am. 425 reading. At least it was dropping even if ever so slightly. Drank 8 ounces of water again to quench my torrid thirst. This time, I had had enough. Forget pumping it in. I decided to bomb it and injected 25 units. 

Back to bed. I slept for an hour and a half, but at least I slept some. Checked it around 7am. Thank God it had dropped to 255. Whew! I bolused one unit, and stayed up to review my grandson’s spelling words and see him off to school. 

I decided to skip breakfast since my glucose was still unacceptable and bolused a unit. 

I checked again an hour later. 187. Thank God!

An hour later 183. Geeze!

Then at noon, it came in at 150. Finally!

I ate a lunch of yogart, a few pineapple chunks, and a salad with light raspberry dressing. 

I should be OK the rest of the day. I certainly feel better. 

I will never eat like that again. It’s not worth thirty minutes of pleasure to suffer for hours. They say, if you don’t learn from history, you’re doomed to repeat it. I’ve learned a hard lesson and won’t repeat it. 

No more cheat meals. No more rationalization. No, never again!

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