Weigh-in Confusion 

Weight loss can be confusing for me. I try to do everything right to rid myself of this fat belly. More calories out than in plus exercise equals weight loss. Right? Well, not so fast! Read my article on Weigh-in Confusion for more.


 I’ve read and studied a lot about nutrition and weight loss since January.  I knew nothing, nada, zilch about nutrition before then. I don’t know why high schools and colleges don’t require a basic nutrition course in their core curriculum. I have a college degree plus a three year graduate degree and post graduate courses. A basic nutrition course was never required!  Sad. 

Basically, I’ve learned that to lose weight from my self-study requires more calories out than calories in. 

I put myself on a goal of eating 1677 calories daily and walking at least a mile or more each day. (I use the ‘Lose It‘ app and Fit Bit). That’s supposed to be the formula for weight loss. 

According to this weight calculator (https://www.lifespanfitness.com/fitness/resources/calories-calculator), 2406 calories daily maintains my starting weight on January 1 of 240 pounds. Anything less than that and the weight comes off. 

Yesterday minus the walk, I took in 1109 calories which is 569 calories less than my 1667 goal. Calories burned from exercise like walking is subtracted from your daily caloric goal by Lose It and Fit Bit. 

Looking back over my record for last week, on most days, I took in less than 1667 with a few days a little over my goal. Yet, I have only lost a little less than 6.7 pounds in three and a half months. Confusing. 

I know at age 66 that my metabolism is as slow as molasses in winter. And, metabolism burns calories even while we are sleeping. Still, I’ve been eating small portions of healthy food and consistently walking that mile or more daily. What gives?

My weigh-in morning is Tuesday. Today is Tuesday. I weighed-in on my bathroom scales at 233.3.  Last Tuesday, I weighed 235.1 which is a loss of 1.8 pounds for the week which is a healthy weight loss. Healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds weekly. 

But get this!  I couldn’t wait until today and weighed myself Friday and weighed 233.6, an amazing loss of 1.5 pounds in three days. I weighed again Saturday and weighed 231.7 showing a loss of another 1.9 pounds!  That’s 3.4 pounds in just 5 days!  I was on a roll!  I patted myself on my big belly congratulating it for shrinking!  WOW!

I just knew today would show another pound loss from Saturday. Nope!  I gained 2.1 pounds from Saturday’s weigh-in. Confusing and a bit discouraging. I was sure of leaving the 230’s forever, but it didn’t happen. The scale showed 233.3. I’m still in the 230’s. Ughh!

I can see why the weight loss experts like Don Colbert, MD, advise only a monthly weigh-in or puting the scale away and go by inches only. (The waist measurement should be around the belly button).  

Now, I have lost some serious inches. I’ve gone from 51 inches on December 28 to 48 inches today! My pants won’t stay up any more and a trip to Kohl’s is not far away. My wife did get out some pants she’s been saving for two years just in case. They fit now!  

My bull neck has gone down too. I had to buy a 17.5 inch dress shirt last Fall. I used to wear a 15.5 inch shirt. Now, the top button on that 17.5 inch shirt buttons easily. Before, I struggled to button it and felt choked. So, that’s some good news. I’ll take it!  

I used to have to buy XXX large shirts. Now, they are a little big on me. I’m looking forward to buying shirts from the regular shirt section of the store instead of the ‘big man’s’ section!

So, I lost 1.8 pounds this week. I’ll be happy with that, but I’m still confused as to why it wasn’t more!  

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