Pleasantly Suprised Weigh-in

I couldn’t wait until my weekly Tuesday weigh-in. I had to weigh-in this morning!

Why? My friend, Dr. Jay Smith, President of Yellowstone Theological Institute ( from Bozeman, Montana, was our house guest last week. He was here to raise funds and support for the Institute as well as to renew our long friendship. We are planning a visit to Bozeman this summer, our fifth consecutive summer to go there, and enjoy each other’ fellowship and the awe-inspiring Rockies. 

Joyce prepared a fine breakfast each morning. Then, it was off to the races. Jay is a bundle of energy!

Wednesday, we met with leadership of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship ( in Decatur, Georgia. They took us to Mary Mac’s Tea House in Decatur. ( Don’t let the name fool you. It was established in 1945 and is consistently rated one of Atlanta’s top restaurants. 

Mary Mac’s serves only exquisite Southern food. I mean, downhome food like my Mom used to cook. Fried green tomatoes, macoroni and cheese, turnip greens with grease swimming on top and seasoned with hambone, homemade cornbread and biscuits, fried country steak lathered in gravy, fried chicken, old fashioned mashed potatoes smothered in more gravy, fried okra, and homemade banana pudding like Mom made. My mouth waters just writing this!

Thursday, we had a meeting in Waynesboro with staff and students from Faith Christian Academy who then treated us to lunch at the Burke Perk Restaurant. 

Thursday evening, we had a meeting at the famous Partridge Inn in the Champions (think Masters Golf Champions) and were treated to a dinner to die for.(  

I had their famous pimento cheese for an appetizer, and their equally famous grits and shrimp for my entre. Dessert? Oh yes!  Their well known bread pudding!

Calories, calories, calories!  I felt like I gained back the five pounds I had lost since I started trying to lose weight after Christmas 2016. 

So, I couldn’t wait until Tuesday to weigh. I had to see the bad news and deal with it. I weighed myself today, Saturday. 

Surprise, surprise. A pleasant surprise!  I weighed-in at 235.2 which was actually down .7 pounds from my Tuesday weigh-in only four days ago. 

Whew!  What a relief! I lost half a pound when I thought I had gained three or four pounds. And, I haven’t walked since Jay has been with us. Amazing. Who can figure this stuff out?  I can’t. That’s for sure!

Well, company’s gone. We can get back in our routine of eating small portions of healthy food from our kitchen. And, we can start walking again today!  The Shelties have missed walking too.  

Moreover, we won’t be dining at a restaurant any time soon!  It’s been fun. The food was delicious, and I lost half a pound. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief on that one!  What a nice surprise!


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