Weight Loss? LOL

Lose weight? Calorie counting? Not this week!


Weight loss? I might as well laugh as to cry!  I might as well laugh instead of allowing myself to get angry because of my Tuesday weigh-in!

235.9 again. At least I didn’t gain any from last week!  

Even counting and logging calories on my “Lose It” app  hasn’t helped. I budgeted 1696 calories. But every day, I’m coming in around 2000 calories. Some of it has to do with my T1 diabetes. I’ve been trying to cut it close. Yet, I’m having insulin reactions at times and have to eat carbs to level my glucose out. 

Moreover, I went three days without walking. It’s been one thing after another. One excuse after another. 

This week is not looking good either. We were in Decatur, Georgia, all day Tuesday at a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship meeting where my friend, Dr. Jay Smith, gave a presentation. We had lunch at Mary Mac’s Tea Room, one of Atlanta’s top ten restaurants. I can see why!  Delicious southern, fattening fried food. The kind I was raised on. 

I had turnip greens swimming in grease like mom used to make. Fried green tomatoes. Cornbread. And fried cubed steak covered in gravy. I managed to leave off the homemade banana pudding. Joyce shared a little of hers with me. I wanted to order some something terribly but didn’t. I didn’t log in my caloric intake for the day either. Oh well. It was worth it. Today is another day of eating southern food too. 

I am planning on taking Dr. Jay Smith, President of Yellowstone Theological Institute, in Bozeman, Montana, to Honey-on-the-Rock cafe for lunch today. They serve a southern buffet. More fried southern food!  Jay is a Texas boy and loves southern food as much as I do!  Oh well again!

Forget weight loss this week. It only takes a meal or two to blow it to smithereens. 

I’ll just laugh about and try to get back on track next week. 

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