Counting Calories Revelation

My Tuesday weigh-in this week made me angry. Very anger. After all the conscious work to walk at least a mile a day or more and eating small healthy portions, I gained 2 pounds. TWO POUNDS. 7,000 calories stored. 

My weigh-in graph showed steady and slow progress toward reaching my goal of 220 from 240 just after Christmas. Now this! Two pounds gained!  What gives?!

The only way left to lose weight that I know of is to count calories. I hate documenting and record keeping. I’m not a detail person. But, I have to do it. 

I have the “Lose It” app in my iPhone. It’s been sitting dormant longer than I can remember. I cranked it up yesterday and faithfully logged my calorie intact and am doing it today.  It was a revelation logging in my calorie intake. 

The app also helped me set my daily calorie allowance at 1699 to reach my goal of 180 pounds by October 2, 2017. It gives me extra calories to eat and still lose weight for exercise which I try to do daily by walking at least a mile or more. 

Before activating the app, I tried healthy eating of small portions and walking. That was working pretty good until my Tuesday weigh-in. 

As a result of recording every calorie I eat, I’ve had a revelation. There are no free calories. Before, I thought it was ok to cheat a little. For example, I enjoy a ‘harmless’ Dove’s dark chocolate after supper. I found out that it has 40 calories!  I logged it. 

I have a problem waking up at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning and eating 2 graham crackers with peanut butter, 4 Hershey’s kisses, and a glass of 2% milk. Harmless, right? NO!  That’s 443 calories!  Yikes!

These are just two examples of my “harmless” eating that sabotaged my weight loss efforts. 

Yesterday, I had a revelation too. I’ve had 2088 calories, which is 389 over my budget of 1699. It all adds up quickly. 

I’ve got to lose this fat. I was 240 right after Christmas, the heaviest I’ve been in my life. At Tuesday’s weigh-in, I was 235. That’s only a 5 pound loss in two and half months. 5 measly pounds!  Discouraging!

That’s why I’m committed to counting calories now as much as I hate it. I’d rather fly by the seat of my pants. 

Yesterday, I counted and logged everything I ate. I’m doing it today (Above is a picture of my log today so far). I will do it tomorrow. I will be self-aware of what I am putting in my obese body confident that this will help me reach my goal of 180 by October 2. 

It’s going to require all the self-discipline I can muster and 100% commitment!  But, I have no choice. I want to get healthy. 

“Committed and persistent work pays off” (Proverbs 28:20 MSG). 

So, stay tuned to follow my progress or failure. You can follow my blogs by clicking on the ‘follow’ button on this post.  There is also a place to comment. I welcome your comments. Thanks. 


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