Weigh-in Surprise 14 March 2017

I didn’t do to good with my healthy eating of small portions last week. 

My daughter Kelly came down from Chicago Thursday night. She and Scott haven’t found a Mexican restaurant as good as Pablanos that we enjoy. So, that’s what she wanted, and we went. 

Friday, we all went to the French Market Grill to meet my sister and brother-in-law and niece from South Carolina. Then, Saturday, we went Mexican again with my brother. Sunday and yesterday. I tried to eat healthy when we went out, but you never know how much salt and other stuff restaurants put in their food. We did eat healthy at home. 

I did keep up my walking commitment of at least a mile and a half except for Saturday. Rain all day. 

I really expected the scale to show a weight gain this morning. But, I was pleasantly surprised to weigh-in at 233.1!  Down .8 pounds! And down almost 7 pounds from a post Christmas 240 start weight!  Hallelujah!

So, I’m feeling pretty good!

Moreover, I had a major non-scale victory. My waist measurement this morning is 47 inches, down from 48.5 inches last week.  Can you say, “Praise the Lord!” with me? An inch and a half gone from my slowly shrinking fat belly. 

These good numbers prove that Dr. Don Colbert’s principles in his book, You Can Do This Diet work. Healthy eating of small portions and 100-150 calorie snacks mid-afternoon and before bedtime to keep my metabolism stoked and burning off calories. No fad diets. No magic diet pills or shakes, no skipping meals, and no fasting. 

Plus, he recommends activity along with healthy eating even if it’s only walking. Last week, we walked 20.4 miles either on the track or on the trail at beautiful Mistletoe State Park. 

It’s really neat, encouraging, and motivating to see results from a plan. Plan the work and work the plan! When it works, keep working the plan. 

If I can succeed, you can too. Eat healthy. No junk food. And, get moving. You can and will lose the weight!


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