Weight Loss Not Easy

10 JAN 2017

I excitedly stepped on the scales this morning for my weekly weigh-in expecting to see a couple of pounds lost. Nope. Last week 238. This morning 237.9. Its a lot easier to put it on than take it off!

I am a little disappointed but not discouraged in my weigh-in this morning. In fact, this causes me to be more determined than ever to make my body conform to what I want it to be. 

I have to look on the bright side too.  If I lose .1 pounds per week for a year, that’s 5.2 pounds lost in a year!  

And, losing .1 pounds in a week for 52 weeks is better, much better than gaining .1 pounds each week. 

From what I read, a healthy goal is losing a pound a week. If that happens and this is my goal, I will lose 52 pounds this year which puts me down to 186. That would really be nice!  

It means buying new clothes in the regular men’s department instead of the big men’s department. That would be nice. 

186 pounds means feeling better about myself and would give me a great sense of accomplishment. 

I am following the advice of Dr. Don Colbert’s book, “I Can Do This Diet.”  He advocates a lifestyle change of eating smaller portions and healthy food instead of food like processed food, baked goods made from white flour, and fruit and vegetables like lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes – salad food. I will continue following this program and see what happens. 

This must be accompanied with activity. My wife and I have chosen to walk at least a mile or more daily which we have done except on rainy days. We also plan to take up bicycling again on the beautiful Augusta Canal tow path where it’s safe from traffic. 

Even though my loss is miniscle this week, I feel better, sleep better, and have energy. Just one week has made a big difference for me. 

And, it’s not hard to follow Colbert’s dietary recommendations of protein, carbs, and healthy fat at meals and a mid-afternoon and bedtime snack of 100-150 calories. He maintains that keeps the metabolism fired up which burns calories. He is totally against skipping meals especially breakfast like I did. It makes sense to me.  

He advocates mindful eating over mindless eating to control my food binges and to take my time when eating to allow my stomach to tell my brain that I am full!  After all, the stomach is the size of my fist. It doesn’t take much to fill it up to keep the fire burning. 

I needed a simple program like this instead of a complicated diet like counting calories. 

I start my second week today. I’m already looking forward to my weigh-in next week!  But regardless of the number on the scale, I know I’m on the right way, and by God’s help and the support of my dear wife, I can do this!


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