I Am Obese Post 4

4 JAN 2017. 

I give myself a passing grade in two major tests yesterday. We went to Pablanos, my favorite Mexican Restaurant. I ordered a jumbo frozen marguerita, cheese dip, and a beef taco. 

A jumbo frozen margarita has a whopping 675 calories. It contains a very high sugar content at 83 grams, which is equivalent to three full packs of candy or 10 pastries. It is anathema for a Type 1, insulin dependent diabetic like me. 

I was determined to practice mindful eating (and drinking) espoused by Dr. Colbert in his “I Can Do This Diet.” So, I only drank a fourth of the Marguerita. OK, maybe it was a little more than that but not much more. 
I took the taco and dumped out the ground beef and lettuce. I broke the taco shell into two pieces and only ate one piece. Victory!  

I counted out about 10 chips (I love those things), and used a moderate amount of cheese dip. The salsa is a free exchange. 

I left satisfied and not satiated like I had in the past. I passed test one.

Dr. Colbert says that successful portion control is essential for weight loss. Restaurants serve enough food to choke a horse. But, I am a horse of a different color now. I controlled my food and drink portion and let the waiter throw the rest away. Touchdown!  How about a high five!  

I bolused 10 units of insulin before the meal. My bedtime glucose was 156 instead of 250. I ate a healthy bedtime snack of half a cup of Fiber 1 cereal (the healthiest cereal on the market due to its highest fiber content), a half cup of 2% milk, and half a banana. 

I am prone to wake up at 2am craving Ritz  crackers, peanut butter, milk, and a couple of Hershey chocolate kisses. And sure enough, I was wide awake at 2am with my usual craving. But this time, I didn’t give in. I had a yogurt, half banana, and a glass of no carbs, low sodium tomato juice. I bolused 2 units of insulin. My glucose this morning was an acceptable 135 instead of 200. That was still a little high but for me, it was acceptable, and I felt great rather than grumpy like I do when I wake up to a high blood sugar. 

I passed test 2. 

With every victory, I gain confidence that I can do this!

Moreover, my wife and I took our Shelties on a one and half mile walk on a beautiful 70 degree Georgia winter day on a gorgeous country path that ends at a lovely pond close to our home. 

Dr. Colbert says that activity must accompany mindful eating and drinking and that walking is a good activity. 

I went 3 for 3 yesterday. In baseball, that’s batting a perfect 1000!  And, I can’t believe how much better I feel. I have energy and an upswing in my mood. Amen!  


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