The greatest corruption of our worship is a divided heart. It wrecks havoc with our contentment and peace and undermines our devotion. 

A divided heart has multiple loves competing against each other and compelling us to choose one or the other. We tell God we love and honor Him on one side while the other pursues our own agenda. That agenda might include pursing power, money, notoriety and status, control of others to get our way, and anger and resentment against someone who wronged us. 

Worship cannot exist in such conditions. Not true, undivided worship. A divided love is hardly love at all and causes endless and needless frustration and stress robbing us of peace and joy. 

If we truely love God with all our heart, all other loves we might have take second place as they should. 

An undivided heart devoted to the Lord frees us to love and serve the Lord and to give Him the awe and respect that only He deserves. It puts everything else in proper perspective. Everything!

Our heart is God’s domain. There, we can rely on His strength, not ours, and for Him to work within us transforming us into the very image of Christ which is filled with His mercy, grace, and love. Giving us His peace in every difficult situation. A peace that is beyond human understanding and comprehension. It’s an amazing and divine gift only His Spirit can give to an undivided heart centered on Jesus. – based on Worship the King devotional for October 14 by Chris Tiegreen. 


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