My Plans vs God’s Plans

We all have plans and dreams of our their fulfillment. Maybe it’s a career. A relationship with that special someone. A certain income level. Status or position. Owning or paying off a house. Certain things need to happen to make us fulfilled. 

Our prayers are filled with requests to make our plans and dreams come true. We know what would make us happy and fulfilled. After all, Jesus told us to ask what we will, and it would be done for us (John 15:7). 

However, sometimes our requests are denied. We can get confused and doubt that God has the power to answer these type of prayers. We can become disillusioned and even think God doesn’t love us. Or, that our prayers are not getting through. 

But, our omniscient and all-knowing God knows what will fulfill us better than we do. He knows what form and timing their fulfillment should take. He knows our true desires that lie beneath our dreams and the motives from where they sprung. He knows how to say “no” to our specifics and yes to our hearts at the same time. 

One of the greatest ways to honor God and demonstrate our faith in Him is to relinquish our dreams to Him. Instead of asking him to fulfill our hopes and dreams, ask Him to fulfill you according to His hopes and dreams. 

Be sure that His plans exceed what you could ever hope and wish for. In the end, it will be more satisfying than you ever dreamed. 

Trust Him and love Him with all your heart. He knows exactly what we need. – based on Worship the King devotional for October 12 by Chris Tiegreen

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